Without a doubt about Delete pink cupid

I desired to generate a fresh pretty-in-pink edit in time for valentine’s, and here it’s! We call it « Sweet Cupid » and it’s also particularly lovely on infant and feminine portraits and florals. Nonetheless it can be utilized on a lot of other pictures since it is so adjustable. And also this a person is not merely for valentine’s, it can be utilized all year round. :-)

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CoffeeShop « Sweet Cupid » Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Run « Sweet Cupid ». This is exactly what the image appears like without any changes. There are 2 « Cupid » levels, « Cupid » and « Soft Cupid ». I will be utilizing « Soft Cupid » in this edit given that it is applicable a matte that is pretty. For more turn that is contrast the « Cupid » layer alternatively.

We switched on the « Save the Whites » layer. In this screenshot it really is set at 100per cent, but I finished up decreasing it to 50% afterwards into the edit.

Finally, i desired to include some contrast back towards the flowery headpiece, therefore I clicked in the « Peachy Highlight » layer’s mask and utilized a soft low-opacity black brush to get rid of that impact from the flower.

I hope you have a great time modifying with this particular brand new action!

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11 reviews:

Oh my goodness, that infant is simply too precious because of its very own good! Love the pretty soft effect that is pink. Many Thanks Rita!

Is not she a cutie! Therefore delighted you love the edit.

Many thanks Rita! cannot wait to test this.

Many thanks Tracie! I would personally want to see just what you are doing along with it!!

Hello Rita i really hope you do great today. I’ve a challenge with all the « sweet action that is cupid each time We you will need to run the action I received this message for many action saying « The soft cupid action is not available at this time » « The cupid action is not available appropriate now » i obtained this message for a couple of for the action not beeing available. Here is record of this action not available as well as for some actions the message was got by me 2-3 times : layer back ground, layer amounts 1, layer 1, layer color fill 2, layer color fill 2 content, layer define, layer color fill 2 content, layer define demand is not available, layer level 2, layer color fill 1, layer peachy features, layer create, layer cupid, layer back ground, layer peachy pop music, layer peachy color, layer soft cupid. Because of that i can not use the action to my photo xmeeting login while there is some actions lacking and I also hardly understand why. I do not understand how to proceed because just several actions can be obtained whenever We operate the action. Can you help me to please. Many thanks plenty ahead of time.

The fix with this is frequently simply resetting your preferences that are photoshop. I can not recall the keystroke off hand, but there is it by googling it. You probably changed some environment that is everything that is throwing! Have you been utilizing Photoshop or PSE, and exactly just what version? If resetting your requirements does not do the trick deliver additional information and I also shall make an effort to find out exactly what is going on.

Hello once more Rita, as you suggested me even though I did not change anything in my preferences since I install photoshop on my computer 2 years ago so I did reset my preferences. Nonetheless it would not alter any such thing. We still get those messages everytime We push play to perform those things saying « The soft action that is cupidn’t available at this time » « The cupid action isn’t available at this time ». I’m making use of Photoshop CC 2015 I will be maybe not yes what you ought to understand to aid me personally, when you have actually particular concerns take a moment to ask me personally. We additionally like to point out that some actions work fine however some will not. We attempt to get into the action panel to manually trigger those things that aren’t working nevertheless when We you will need to go through the symbol to trigger them it generally does not work absolutely absolutely nothing occurs the symbol this is certainly likely to may actually make sure the action is activated do not appear in addition to little square area where the symbol is meant to look once you activate an action stays empty. I can send you pictures of everything I am talking about to have a better idea of what is my problem if you have an email address. Therefore please inform me in the event that you want some pictures of my problem or if you know what to do to fix my problem if you have an email address. Many thanks.